Researcher, Writer, Perspective Counselor

As you might expect from someone with a Ph.D. in sociology. I research and write about people. In a recent talk, I described the heart of my work as creating a pattern language of emotion and human experience—at work and at home, in person and through technology.

During the day you can find me at Slack, where I was the founding member of our User Research team and work as a senior user researcher. 

Two Saturdays a month you can find me writing my advice column for The Verge, How To Be Human

Evenings you'll find me writing essays and maybe even some fiction. I wrote two essay collections:  A Year of Wednesdays and The Book of Home. You can find more of my writing here.

I used to enjoy photography, and sometimes I still do. I'm very in love with my cat. I do a lot of yoga but I like to practice it more than talk about it. You may want to hear me sing. And you should definitely follow me on twitter.