User-Centric Researcher and Writer

I'm a researcher and essayist with a Ph.D. in sociology. I research and write about people. I mean, I also research and write about technology, communication, relationships, and culture, but mostly about the people trying to use and do all these things.

During the day you can find me at Slack, where I'm the user researcher. Yes, I'm very lucky.

Some weekends you can find me writing my advice column for The Verge. Evenings you'll find me writing essays and maybe even some fiction. I wrote two essay collections that people seemed to enjoy:  A Year of Wednesdays and The Book of Home. You can find more of my writing here.

I used to enjoy photography. I'm very in love with my cat. I do a lot of yoga but you don't care about that. However, you do want to listen to me sing. And you should definitely follow me on twitter.