Researcher, Strategist, Writer, Perspective Counselor

As you might expect from an ethnographer with a Ph.D. in sociology. I research and write about people. I describe the heart of my work as making the universal experience more personal—and making the personal experience part of a bigger universal pattern. I explores the intersection of the personal and the universal, the tactical and the fundamental – how each illuminates the other, and how together they help us navigate the joys and challenges of being human

During the day you can find me doing foundational user research at Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to this, I worked at Slack, where I was the founding member of the User Research team. 

Evenings you'll find me writing. For nearly two years I wrote an advice column for The Verge, How To Be Human. I wrote two essay collections:  A Year of Wednesdays and The Book of Home. You can find more of my writing here.

I occasionally give talks. My most recent talk was about designing for human infrastructure.